April the 4th, 2010 - The Easter Special with Yell at Birds and Wee Boy Pretty Live!

The Easter holiday is one to be spent with family and friends, and that includes all of you, my faithful listeners!
On this edition, Shameless brings you two great bands, the first - Yell at Birds, the latest endeavour of my pal Richie of Jakartah, and introducing his new cohort Carmen bringing forth a new sound as a new ensemble with their debut album, "Tales of Quay".
The other, a talented troope from all over the world, is Wee Boy Pretty, and they stopped by with an assortment of their gear to do a live set on the air for us to hear. They also brought along brownies! That big thing in the picture to the left is in fact supposed to be a giant brownie everyone is standing in.
All in all, this is one egg that won't go rotten!
Apollo Ghosts – “Witchcraft Lake”
Edward Sharpe – “40 Day Dream”
Love is All - “False Pretense”
White Stripes – “Let's Shake Hands”
Plants & Animals - “American Idol”
Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Mommy, Where's Daddy?”
Yell at Birds - “Soon / The Imminent”
Yell at Birds - “La Bodega”
Jakartah – “They Aren't All Beautiful”
Yell at Birds – “Iverness Will Never Forget Him”
Yell at Birds – “Rhinoceros Blood”
Cairo – “Sunrise”
Yell at Birds – “Jennifer Love Hewitt”
A Horse and His Boy – “Creatures”
Yell at Birds – “The Old Horse”
Wee Boy Pretty – “Live Set in the CiTR Studio”