March 21st, Make Some Noise with Whip of the UFO!

On the first day of spring, Shameless pays tribute to the legendary Fake Jazz nights that have now turned in to a whole festival! For the first time ever, we indulge the noise genre with noisegenarian, Whip of the UFO. With a forthcoming album titled "Why Would You Do This to People?" it seems like now is an appropriate time to annoy some neighbours!
Herbaliser – “Same as it Never Was”
Herbaliser – “Stranded on Earth”
Gorillaz feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack – “Stylo”
Chixdiggit – “Koo Stark”
The Summerlad – “Vauxhall Secret”
Parallels – “Ultralight”
Whip of the UFO – “My Black Heaven”
KK Null - “Transgenic Nomad”
Church of Hell - “Family (Live on CiTR circa 2001)”
Whip of the UFO - “For Science”
Kellarissa – “Night Wind”
Brainhammer – “It's Just Noise”
Twin Crystals – “Punk Heart”
Whip of the UFO – “What to Expect”
Human League – “Tom Baker”
Whip of the UFO – “Trilobite Attack”
Whip of the UFO – “Eleven”
Pompoir – “Goin' Nowhere”
Whip of the UFO – “WTF”
Dada Transfer – “Vishininit”
Tilly & the Wall – “Nights of the Living Dead”
Mayer Hawthorne – “Green-Eyed Love”