Jan 10th, 2010 - Pompoir

For the first show of the new year, Shameless brings to your attention a great band with a classy French name - Pompoir!
They have a show coming up, but they can't tell you where. In an unintentionally similar fashion, I chose to start with some Phoenix, with a good mind to mention their show at the Orpheum in a couple days... but I never did.
Anyway, Pompoir is a great 3-piece that have chosen most of the classy Vancouver-centric bands in this show, and I highly recommend it, not just because I put my name on it like I had a lot to do with it. All things considered, our maturity was truely put to the test!
Jane's Addiction - "Ain't No Right (live)"
Phoenix - "Lisztomaia"
Apoolo Ghosts - "I Won't Support Your Love"
Pompoir - "Cut-Ups"
Early Man - "Boney M."
Murder Ford Monument - "The King is Dead"
Stamina Mantis - "5lbs of Shit"
Pompoir - "Riptide"
Phonecalls - "Tell Her No"
Cat Attack - "Split Ends"
Amelia Curran - "The Sunday Song"
Mother Mother - "Arms Tonite"
Nu Sensae - "Don't Panic"
Pompoir - "Invisible Games"
Modern Creatures - "Your Letter"
Channels 3X4 - "Through the Roof"
Pompoir - "Unrequited"
Mutators - "At Midnight"
Thee Manipulators -"(It's Gonna) Be Alright"
Pompoir - "Krush"
Shearing Pinx - "New Gospel"
Ixquic - "Perpetual Ataxia"
Twin Crystals - "Boys Still Pictures"
Pompoir - "Echo Name"
Shannon and the Clams - "Blood"
The Duloks - "Gonna Follow Your Star Trail"