December 27th, 2009 - The 2009 Clip-Show.

Listen at it here

If you take all the Shamelesses over the past year and put them together, you'd have one great Shameless! Included in this great offer at no charge is a new installment to CiTR's ongoing medical drama "Animal E.R."

I've met a lot of fantastical people, and on this edition, you'll hear a couple seconds from most of them! I don't know if anyone but me likes a clip show, but if you like my show, you'll like a lot of them at once, I'm sure. Is fantastical even a word?


Kaboom Atomic - “2 Freestyles in CiTR”
Teflongang - “Another Freestyle in CiTR”
Whitey - “West of Hope (Live in CiTR”)
Bodhi Jones - “Within a Minute (Live in CiTR)”
Adeline - “Meaningless Meeting (Live in CiTR)”
Hannah Georgas - “Mamma’s Boy”
Soulsavers feat. Mike Patton - “Unbalanced Pieces”
N.A.S.A. f. Barbie Hatch, RZA, & John Frusciante - “Way Down”
Doves - “Spellbound”
Fake Shark - Real Zombie! - “Angel Lust”
Dinosaur Jr. - “Imagination Blind”
Racoons - “Tangiers”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Dragon Queen”
Hey Ocean! feat. Shad K. - “Vagabond”
Parlour Steps - "As the World Turned Out"
Zeus - "That's All"
Cairo - “Hot Minute at the Tech Noir”
A.C. Newman - “The Palace at 4 a.m.”
Pink Mountaintops - “Execution”
Jakartah - “Hawaii Burns at Sunrise”
7’s, 9’s, & 10’s - “Transmission 3: Escape from Terminus”
The Intelligence - “Thank God for Fixing the Tape Machine”
Make-Out Videotape - “Heat Wave”
Roche Limit - “My Friend Ship”
Apollo Ghosts - “Shanghai Alley”
Eastborough - “Shuffle and Slide”
Those Darlins - “Whole Damn Thing”
Adjective - “Dirty Birds”
Elective - “Stitch Up of the Bloody Mary”
Japandroids - “The Boys are Leaving Town”
Juvenile Hall - “Loser”