June 27th, 2010 - 3rd Annual Cross-Canada Special with Tim Van Horn!

Listen Here!

It never fails that every year, the closest we get to Canada Day, "Shameless" takes its hand in going across the country in music, from left to up to right. This time around, we outsourced the help of national blogger and photographer Tim Van Horn who literally travells the country documenting every Canadian he can for his blog - The Canadian Mosaic!


Bottomfeeders - "Drunkest Deckhand"
No Kids - "The Beaches are Closed"
Raw Element - "From the Ashes"
Huevos Rancheros - "Drive Thru at Molly's Reach"
Hey Blyth!?! - "Orleaned"
We Were Lovers - "People Talk"
The Trouts - "Raindrops"
Leela Gilday - "Calling All Warriors"
The Barrymores - "Radio Dee-Lite"
Eight Seconds - "Kiss You When It's Dangerous"
Everything all the Time - "Getting Higher"
Maylee Todd - "Summer Sounds"
Le Nombre - "Sur Ton Ile"
Gatineau - "The Christ is Right"
The Dears - "Never Destroy Us"
BOMARC - "The Sword"
The Death Avengers - "Racecar Spacecar"
Buck 65 - "Way Back When" (Ghislain Poirier remix)
Two Hours Traffic - "Stuck for the Summer"
3 Piece Suit - "Don't Buy $7 Worth the Cheese"
Hey Rosetta! - "Tired Eyes"
Neil Young - "Dreamin' Man live 1992"

The Canadian Mosaic Project.
Vancouver 125