May 16th, the Socan Audit with City Sirens & The Get Down!

Listen here!

As this edition was up for audit by Socan, life for the Canadian artists featured below gets just a little bit easier. While juggling the writing of the same playlist twice, we also have a chat with the City Sirens out of Hamilton, Ontario, who were trekking across the country on tour at this very time, making their way all the way to Vancouver where they would be playing a show with our town's very own The Get Down! What happens next, was magic.


Delhi 2 Dublin - "Raise it Up"
Daft Punk - "Robot Rock"
Shad - "Ya, I Get It"
Homage & DJ Freemoney - "A Brief History of HipHop"
The New Pornographers - "Moves"
Eastborough - "Electricity"
Yukon Blonde - "Bride's Song"
We Are Wolves - "Paloma"
City Sirens - "The Many Times"
City Sirens - "In a Trance"
Hot Little Rocket - "Volcano"
Cancerbats - "Sabotage"
Apollo Ghosts - "Hub City"
Hannah Georgas - "Bang Bang You're Dead"
Library Voices - "Party Like It's 2012"
Dark Times - "Sunshine Vessel"
Alberta's Hunter - "Celebrating 85 Years"
Krang - "Electric Famer"
Pathological Lovers - "101 Fictions"
Ryan Bourne - "Serves You Right"
The Get Down - "Don't Touch the Ladle"
Jenny Omnichord - "Mending Nibbled Wires"
Don Kerr - "The Chocolate King"
Jay Sparrow - "Lay Yr Mountain Down"
The Strugglers - "Show Me The Way to go Home"

City Sirens on Myspace.

The Get-Down on Myspace.