November 29th, Elective meets Cairo.

Listen here.

If there's one thing I love, it's a reunion (provided you're not reuniting with someone you owe money to, in which case, I don't owe these people anything). I was joined by CJ Wallis, director and composer turned rock star with a new musical outfit entitled "Elective", and JP Lancaster, lead singer and vox of local band Cairo!

Now despite the familiarity of the cast, this show was special for several reasons, for one, there was a thumb wrestle (and I don't need to tell you how special a thumb wrestle can make any gathering), secondly, JP brought along a fully mastered track from Cairo's upcoming debut album, along with some demo tracks that differ from anything else out there. Not to be outdone, CJ also brought along a mastered Elective track, to add to the fun, he phoned up and interviewed his musical colleague from NY - Kayleigh Goldsworthy, whom he has never met - dare I say, it was the first time in radio history a band has actually met on the air? Dare I say anything at all? I also indulged my curiosity of energy beverages and downed a Mario Bros. themed "Power Up" can o' juice. I ended up talking really fast by the end of it. Don't do drugs, kids.


Muneshine -“Today's Special”
Those Darlin's - “Whole Damn Thing”
Elective -“The Stitch Up of Bloody Mary”
Sleigh Bells -“Infinity Guitars”
The Scarlet Ending - “Such a Shame”
Lovvers -“Society Jam”
The XX - “VCR”
Kurt Vile - “Dead Alive”
Montage Populaire -“Sorrows Well Rehearsed”
Elliot Smith - “See You Later”
A.C. Newman - “The Palace at 4 A.M.”
Volcanoeless in Canada - “Mexican Circus”
Vile Vile Creature - “Faux+Feminism”
Cairo - “Hot Minute at the Tech Noir”
Tiga - “Shoes”
Cairo - “Harbourlights”
Lady Gaga -“Moneyhoney”
The Plan -“Lit up Like a Monument”
Cairo -“Sink or Swim”
Death Cab For Cutie -“Sound of Settling”
King Khan & BBQ Show - “Animal Party”
Cairo - “Cogs”
R. Kelly - “Whoile Lotta Kisses”
Elton John - “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road”

Elective on Myspace.

Cairo on Myspace.