November 1st - Sevens, Nines and Tens DO IT LIVE. Also, Animal E.R. Episode #2!

Listen Here!

It's like a summer concert series in the dead of autumn! What better time to party is there? None better come to mind at this time, I can tell you!

The ensemble of the Sevens, Nines, and Tens come to the studio, gear in hand, to not only talk smack about whatever's on their mind, but play an intensely loud set for all to enjoy, in honour of their gig at the 2009 battle-of-the-bands that is Shindig!


Japandroids - “Rockers East Vancouver”
Zeus - “How Does It Feel?”
Volcanoless in Canada - “Mexican Circus”
Luna Riot - “Davy Jones' Locker”
Sevens, Nines and Tens - “Transmission 3”
Danny Elfman - “Graditude”
Seahorses - “Love is the Law”
Taste of Chaos Ensemble - “Mastadon's Ensemble”
Drive Like Jehu - “Hand Over Fist”
NASA feat. John Frusciante & Barbie Hatch - “Way Down”
Wu Tang Clan feat. Tom Morello & Chad Smith- “Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' to Fuck Wit”
Sevens, Nines, and Tens - “Day of the Living”
I Mother Earth - “Lost My America”
Pateince Product - “From Every End, There's Always a Start”
Said the Whale - “Camillo”
Little Girls- “Tambourine”
We are Wolves - “Walking Commotion”
Fake Shark - Real Zombie! - “Designer Drugs”
Katastroyka- “Unknown”
Alberta's Hunter - “Celebrating 85 Years”
Jakarta - “A Dire and Ever-Circling Ghost”
Finishing Infinity - “Unittled”
Sevens, Nines, and Tens - "Live in the CiTR Studio"
Sub-City - “Too Loud for this City”

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