Oct 4th - Jakartah

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Richie and Kyle from Vancouver’s Jakartah stop by to talk about all sorts of things - touring, recording their album “In the Nervous Lights of Coincidence”, the Vancouver scene, their upcoming show at Pat’s Pub, and all the while playing little bit of dance, and a little bit of HARDCORE! These guys have a good taste in music.


Creature - “Kandahar”
The Raccoons - “Tangiers”
Jakartah -“Liasons at the Woodward Building”
The Stone Roses - “Driving South”
Chad Van Gaalen - “Inside the Molecules”
These Arms are Snakes - “Prince Squid”
Jakartah - “A Thousand Miles Connects You to Me”
Kid Sister - “Control”
Chromeo - “I Can't Tell You Why”
LMFAO - “I'm In Miami, Bitch”
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - “Let's Make Out”
Jakartah - “Hawaii Burns at Sunrise”
Butthole Surfers - “The Lord is a Monkey”
Jesus Lizard - “Mouth Breather”
Converge - “Concubine / Fault and Fracture”
Daughters - “Providence By Gaslight”
Jakartah - “They Aren't All Beautiful”
Crown the Wolf - “Bells and Whistles”
Mother Love Bone - “Captain Hi-Top”
Anvil - “Flying Blind”

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