Sept. 6th - The Ultimate Menagerie

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What was intended to be a tribute to the summer of 2009 ended up being a fantastical campfire party minus the campfire. This edition was made special by appearances by the members of (relatively) new Vancouver band Katastroyka, as well as two lads in charge of the Midnight Movies at my favorite theatre in town, The Rio (on Broadway and Commercial), as well as two members of Pretty Vanilla who have recently found themselves a new drummer after their previous one left them on the road, and finally the show concludes with an acoustic performance by local busker Bodhi Jones. All in all, a show possibly more memorable than the summer of 2009 itself!

And now, for the playlist:

Ian Brown - “Me And You Forever”
Immaculate Machine - “Neighbours Don't Mind”
Modern Lakes, Better Times, Lights Out,
Pink Mountaintops - “Holiday”
Katastroyka - “Perestroyka”
Mando Diao - “Gloria”
Maximo Park -“Calm”
Peace - “I Forget”
Scars -“Bone Orchard”
Adjective -“Masheena”
Chameleons - “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
Monotox - “Summers an Autumns”
Ludvico Treatment - “A Thousand Ambassadors”
Katastroyka - “Unknown”
Zeus - “Cornerstones”
Spectres - “Complications”
Luna Riot, - “Davy Jones’ Locker”
Pretty Vanilla, , Lost in the Soda Shop,
X-mal Deutschland - “Polaricht”
Bauhaus - “The Sanity Assassin”
Katastroyka - “La Luna”
UNKLE - “Burn My Shadow”
Fake Shark! Real Zombie! - “Running With Razors”
Pretty Vanilla - “Paper Tiger”
Sid Vicous - “My Way”
Roche Limit - “I Am”
The Greatest Hits - “Hangups”
Welcome Home, Walker - “Don't Let Me Go”
Dan Mangan - “Sold”
Pretty Vanilla - “New Love”
Arkells - “Heart of the City”
Bodhi Jones - “Can You Hear Me?” (Live in CiTR)
Bodhi Jones - “In a Minute” (Live in CiTR)

Katastroyka's myspace.

Pretty Vanilla's myspace.

Bodhi Jones' myspace.

The Rio Theatre's website