August 9th - The Olio Show

Download Part 1 (with members of JAWS, Twin Crystals, and Needles & Pins).

Download Part 2 (with the return of Kevy Mental of Fake Shark! Real Zombie!, as well as Shay Faded and Mac of the Heard, along with Leigh Righton and Malloreigh in the entourage).

CiTR is proud to be a sponsor of the first annual (also first ever) Olio Festival that's going on from August 13th - 16th all around Vancouver.

Because of this, Shameless undertook a 5-hour marathon edition to showcase 5 bands appearing at various venues during the festival. You can listen with your friends and try to figure out just when the erudite host gets off his rocker (somewhere around the 4-hour mark).

The epic Playlist:

Andy Dixon - “Shibuya”
Apostle of Hustle - “Soul Unwind”
Sepultura feat. Mike Patton - “The Waste”
Rancid - “New Orleans”
Cursed - “The Hands Will Abide”
Jaws - “A Former Life”
Bogus Tokus - “Total Wipeout”
Jaws - “Scatbird”
Converge - “Last Light”
Cancer bats - “French Immersion”
Children - “Power Spirit”
Lewd Acts - “Night-Crawlers”
Jaws - “I Want Coins, Not Change”
White Lung - “Therapy”
Clips, Matterhorn, Wire,
Bend Sinister - “The Same Things”
Sunset Rubdown - “Black Swan”
Doom riders - “Come Alive”
Dinosaur Jr. - “I Want To Know”
Pterodactyl, - “First Daze”
Adelaide - “Games Without End”
Twin Crystals - “Suicide”
Adjective - “Integer”
Choir Practice - “Things I Say”
Twin Crystals - “Suicide pt. 2 (Live on CiTR)”
Black Sabbath - “Hole in the Sky”
Patti Smith - “My Mafia 1976”
Kellarissa - “I'll Sing of Kings,”
Shearing Pinx - “Crime Waves”
Modern Creatures - “In Pictures”
Channels 3 & 4 - “Apied”
Needles and Pins - “Drugs in My Room”
NWA - “Express Yourself”
Public Enemy - “Show 'Em What You Got”
Angry Samoans - “Right Side of My Brain”
Ford Pier - “Sick of the Good Times”
Psper Cranes - “I'll Love You 'Till My Veins Explode”
Morning wood - “Best of Me (Kevvy Metal remix)”
The Heard - “The Women I Want”
Fandeath, - “Veronica's Veil”
Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Mommy, Where's Daddy?”
Ione Sky - “Hope Sick”
Fake Shark! Real Zombie! - “Angel Lust,”
The Heard - “Long Road”
Faith No More - “Crab Song”
Crudo - “Let's Go”
Jane's Addiction - “Three Days”
Jane's Addition - “Then She Did”
The Heard - “Love and Hate (feat. Moka Only)”
Border Crossing - “Original Heads”
Plastic Little - “I'm Not a Thug”
Alberta's Hunter - “Celebrating 85 Years”
Piper Davis - “Academics”
Grizzly Bea - “Two Weeks”
Fake Shark! Real Zombie! - “Designer Drugs”
The Heard - “Bloody Valentine”
Lovage - “Everyone Has a Summer They Want to Remember”

Olio Festival.


Twin Crystals.

Needles & Pins

Fake Shark! Real Zombie!.

The Heard.

Mad Mannequin Photography.